Could an English Team Win the Champions & Europa Leagues


Chelsea and Arsenal are both in the semi-finals of the European League, and they both are amongst the favourites to win the trophy. If either of teams to win the tournament, they also qualify for the Champions’ League group stages next season. If the winning team finish outside of the top four in the Premier League, five English teams are in the Champions League.

Champions League Qualifiers

But then again if the team does finish, in the top four, England will not have an extra spot. The team that finished in third in the league will go to the Champions League instead of the qualifiers. The beaten finalists have no place in the Champions League.

Liverpool & Tottenham

Liverpool and Tottenham both are in the semi-finals of the Champions League. If either of the teams become the European champions and in the Premier League finish in the top four, only four English teams will enter the Champions League’s next season. The group stage spot would belong to the Austrian champions, or it will need to go to the UEFA qualifying league that is eleventh ranked.

Champion League

Then again if it so happens that an English team become the winner of the Champion League and qualify outside of top four in the Premier League, there is a possibility for Spurs. Five English teams will then be eligible for the group stage in the next season. The finalists that are beaten have no spot in the Champions League, and if Liverpool never finished in the 2017-18 top four, they would never have the chance to qualify for this year.

UEFA Rule Changes

The rules were changed last year in the UEFA, and the changes came into effect in the tournaments of this season. Tottenham finished in 2012 in the fourth position but missed out due to the Champions League being won by Chelsea, under the current rules the Spurs did qualify. Champions League winners, until 2005 never automatically qualified, the rules were changed at the time Liverpool won the tournament but never finished as part of the top four.

FA Cup & Qualifying for European

It doesn’t matter who the winners of the FA Cup are in terms of the European qualification, but it does mean that Watford would be in the European League. If the Hornets defeat City in the final of the FA Cup, they will qualify no matter what for Europe. Should City win, they get a spot in the Premier League.

Champions League & FA Cup

Teams could qualify by losing the FA Cup final for Europe, but that was if the winners had booked a place in the Champions League. Hull and Stole did take advantage of the previous set of rules, well before any changes were made. But this time around they can only qualify for the final by winning.