Sports Betting Lacks Variation and Innovation


Could it be that sports betting is boring and that it lacks variation as well as innovation despite its massive success? Betting on sports could be either exhilarating, riveting or plain boring and not all agree on just one of the options.

There are an array of different sports markets, suppliers, operators, affiliates and a variety of sports events. Sports betting is, and many USA states are entering the legal sportsbook market, but some still feel it lacks in variation. It might be the stagnant approach, the very first sportsbook launched online in 1999. By looking back at where it started up to now, there aren’t many changes. Sports betting is boring and stagnant, and that makes it unappealing to the younger generation aged 18 to 30. It is growing up in an era of disposable media where content is exciting and quick.

A sure thing to accelerate the sports betting industry is the US market opening up to sportsbooks. Since PASPA was overruled in May, several states agreed to the legalisation of sportsbooks, and many are still following this trend. The differences between countries in America, that of Asia, Europe or anywhere else in the world could lead to innovation.

There is little doubt that the United States is betting the market will be exciting to watch as it plays out. There is the traditional Vegas market, which still believes in old-school ways such as placing sports bets in person over the counter. There also still is the black market that continues to thrive, and there are punters that are used to the up-to-minute products offered by Panama and Costa Rica. The USA also has plenty of digital media companies; these are sophisticated, intelligent and extremely creative. America is the place to keep an eye on as it might be the place where real innovation takes place in sports betting. There won’t be a lack of wrong interpretations, but in between the gems will shine.

Demanding Side of Innovation

Casino and sportsbooks are already focussed on the user’s experience, competitive odds, member acquisition, exciting promotions and the players betting experience. In New Jersey, DraftKings already made a name for itself in fantasy sports. The industries new entrants make use of innovative features such as statistics to determine members main interests. The whole online experience is shaped around what players favour most.

Sportsbook Player Experience

With the technology to determine the player’s actions, online sportsbook offer loyalty programs focussed on rewards most enjoyed. Promotions are created to best suit the member’s preferences, and loads of content is added to provide information. Betting tips, updated news and other exciting content are available to sports bettors and anyone interested in sports. What was added in recent years is live betting and for most sports fans that is a great option. In sports betting the most excitement should come from the sports event itself, while sportsbooks should offer competitive odds, a safe environment and fast payouts.