Macau Gaming Industry Faces Huge Shortfall in Workforce


A recent investigation backed by the Macau government showed that the local labour market is set to face a significant shortfall in 2020 when the gap in the local workforce reaches over 7,000. The reports by the Talents Development Committee also showed that several locals will be trained in the gaming industry, although it will still leave a large pool open to suitably skilled workers from elsewhere.

The survey indicated that the gaming industry in Macau requires over 7,525 new employees by the start of the next decade. The most significant shortfall is in mid-level management positions such as security, supervisors, supply chain managers, credit and auditors. The GGRAsia report showed that the gaming industry employed 57,246 full-time employees in Macau in 2018 and needed to increase this by 1.1% year after year, while the information was based on three months. The demand in positions to be filled in future will also include facility maintenance professions, card room attendants and casino technicians.

Reports regarding local jobs indicated that locals currently fill 97.4% of the Macau gaming industry jobs in the mid-management positions. The individuals are around 17,896 with around 383 in senior levels, which makes up 77% of employment. Workers covered several shortfalls from China, and the city had already established a system for the employees from Chine with designed trains to improve the quality of mobility to and from work.

Most of the casinos in Macau now advertise jobs directly, and the positions include cashiers, administrators, dealers, hosts, technicians, room controllers, assistant managers, promotions and management. There are also quite a few recently opened hotels that require employees. Jobs advertised at Wynn Palace in Macau include human resources, gaming, marketing, finance, admin, general and gaming marketing.

Macau Casino Success

Macau has thrived and survived for many years to become the gambling hub it is today, and it was recently also announced as one of the wealthiest in the world. The county has a passion for gambling and both bookmakers and operators from around the world are happy to be part of the Macau success.

Macau Gambling Crime

Rumours of a clampdown were heard recently regarding the number of Chinese visitors to the gambling mecca, although the officials in Macau are unaware of this. No notice was given to the Macau government regarding any restriction on the number visas for travelling. The only worry in the country, before is the increase of 14% in casino-related crime, which also includes money-laundering.

Although it has already dropped by 6% since strict regulations came into place, the number of arrests in the past year that is gambling related is 438. Most had to do with illegal loans, which was 37.3% of all cases. This year in February, 71 individuals was arrested, and most of the cases had to do with loan sharking. Macau wants to remain a safe place to visit and created a new centre that will oversee casino activity to crack down on any illegal actions, immediately.