Inspiring Bets from Recent History


Sports betting being legalized is making it a popular activity where everybody is now standing money in hand to place their bets and hope for the best. For some, it did exceed their expectations by far. Some lucky sports betters show us that it isn’t only the players who made the big numbers, but so did they.

Gerry McIlroy

Indeed, father to the golfing champion Rory McIlroy had an extra big smile when his son won his first Open Championship in 2014. This superstar golfer’s father placed a sports bet on his 15-year old son’s career stating that he will win an Open Championship within the next ten years. That odds turned in his favour when Rory won the 2014 Open Championship and Gerry McIlroy had $130 000 to smile about.

Peter Edwards

Another case of family confidence in a young man’s sporting abilities. Peter Edwards was so convinced that his grandson who was at the time still a toddler would play for Wales that the 62-year old placed a bet of £50 at 2 500/1 odds on his career. In less than 15 years this bet paid out and entire £125 000 when Harry Wilson was chosen to represent Wales as the youngest player for Wales ever. This made for great retirement money thanks to his trust in his grandson’s abilities.

Richard Hopkins

This British man didn’t notice his own family’s talent at a young age, but he did spot a talented young driver at the go-karts when he took his son to the racing event. Hopkins was very impressed with what he saw and placed several bets on the young driver convinced that he will become a Formula, One driver, one day. These included £50 with 1 500/1 odds and £200 with a 200/1 odds. The day at the race track could be cashed in at the total of £165 000, roughly ten years later when the young man won his first Brazilian Grand Prix, being none other than Lewis Hamilton.

Tayla Polia

Winning $100 005 from a $5 is already quite incredible, doing it while placing your second sports bet ever in your entire life, is amazing. This is the story of Tayla Polia who placed her second-ever bet at 15-leg parlay at 20 000/1 odds before the 15th week of 2015 NFL season. When she saw that the Carolina Panthers has won the New York Giants she was convinced that she lost her $5 but her picking was against the spread and the fact that they lost by three points being a five-points down, she won her bet and made this the best $5 spent.

Phil Mickelson

The 2000 NFL season was still warming up when golfer Phil Mickelson, a great fan of the Baltimore Ravens, formed a betting syndicate which then placed a bet on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. No games were yet played. The total value of the wager $20 000 and the total value of winnings $560 000 when the odds turned out 22/1.