Rugby World Cup Japan – What Do the Odds reveal?


In a matter of days, the most significant event in the world of international rugby is set to kick off in Japan. In a fierce battle of 48 matches, 20 of the world’s greatest teams will be competing for the much-coveted Webb Ellis Trophy. Across 12 different locations in Japan, the world will be mesmerized by action, accompanied by victory and defeat, by winning and losing. With all this action-ready to explode, what do the bookmakers reveal?

All Blacks

Currently, still in possession of the Trophy, they will undoubtedly want to keep it for four more years. The success which they had not only in 2015 but also in 2011 and 1987 might not be the way it goes for them again. Currently not being the world favourites and many expect that they won’t be victorious still for another four years. Ireland, the current world top team, is undoubtedly ready to take them on and they aren’t alone. Other significant threats to an All Black victory are England and South Africa, and they might have to take note of Wales too. Current RWC odds for the All Blacks is 11/8.


Currently, the world number one team, driven not only by physical ability and skill but also by the desire to break past the quarter-final barrier this time around. Ireland is delivering on the immaculate play and is in the perfect state to take the Trophy back to Ireland this year. If they don’t succeed now, the question does arise whether they will ever be able to get past this mental block and move on to victory. The RWC odds for Ireland are 10/1.


The team is brilliantly prepared and arriving in Japan for victory. They are showing displays of magnificence, and their game has become one of versatility and courage. They play a beautiful game, and the team is in excellent condition without a doubt the favourites of many to win the Trophy. The RWC winning odds for the English Roses are 5/1. Be sure to keep a close eye on this team.

South Africa

The Springboks had to suffer long and hard under the embarrassing loss against Japan. They are arriving this year to make sure that the moment which revealed a little ignorance on their side against the current hosting company will be forgotten after 2 November. Coming back from probably the most significant moment of embarrassment in South African rugby isn’t easy, but the Springbok pride will have to prevail.

The team is prepared, and over the past couple of months, they have only been getting better and better. A relatively young team is presenting South Africa, but they are more than able to ensure themselves a place in the finals at least, if not the Cup. RWC odds for South Africa is on 9/2.