PointsBet Launching in West Virginia


The Australian sports betting company, PointsBet, is planning on expanding their market in the United States, by expanding the choices which online betters have in the state of West Virginia when they launch their online sports betting app in this state. They are hopeful that this will happen before the end of the NFL season. Those placing their bets online in West Virginia will then have a third service provider in the playing field.

Even though they are pressed to launch as quickly as possible, Patrick Eichner, CEO for the USA division of PointsBet, stated that it is hard to set a precise launch date due to a large number of contributing factors when it comes to launching an app. Currently, punters in the Mountain State has an option between FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook which launched as recently as last month.

The Future of PointsBet in WV

Over time, the Australian company has managed to leave an impression on the Unites States punters and have had some success in expanding in this market. To expand on this market share, PiontsBet signed a deal with Topgolf in New Jersey. The Topgolf bars will change their brand to PointsBet venues. This creates a new kind of online betting environment, where wagers will be placed at a particular site without it looking like the traditional land-based sports bookmakers’ venues. While players are at these venues watching their favourite sports, they will have access to the PointsBet bars, which gives them access to exclusive offers, PointsBet rewards and live game odds.

The PointsBet move to West Virginia is the result of a partnership between the Australians and Penn National Gaming. Penn National owns Hollywood Casino. Hollywood Casino is one of the properties which, according to local legislation, is allowed to have up to three different betting skins on site. PointsBet managed to secure one of these positions at the Hollywood Casino. PointsBet is planning on making the most of this skin which they have managed to obtain within the state.

Four more states which are now also open for PiontsBet to expand into are Missouri, Ohio, Indiana and Louisiana. Hollywood Casino is hopping from their side, that through delivering on an added sports betting application within WV, they will become the top role-player within the sports betting industry in WV. The question might arise of whether another app in the state a feasible option is. Some might be concerned that with the other two apps already in operation, that PiontsBet won’t be able to catch up with them. PointsBet does, however, offer more than the traditional sportsbook and have found ways to stand out from the competition. Therefore, they can be very successful in the West Virginian scene. Still, the sooner they manage to launch, the better it will be for them in the long run.