Newgioco & Handle 19 Teaming Up


Newgioco is a sports betting provider that is now partnering up with the newly created Handle 19, a sports betting company. They want to not only get a strong foothold within the sports betting market in Washington DC but also to play a vital role to construct a sports betting market that will work effectively for years to come.

Shane August and his company, August Holding Corporation created Handle 19 to provide both online and land-based sports betting operations in Washington DC. As soon as the State accepts applications for licenses, they will be applying for a Class B sports betting license. To be prepared and play an influential role in moulding the local scene to accommodate the active sports betting market, they partnered with Newgioco since they offer a brilliant platform and they bring immaculate expertise.


This sports betting technology provider was chosen by Handle 19 after they have been doing numerous analysis and research before deciding on a partner on this new venture. Handle 19 decided upon Newgioco due to the ELYS platform which they offer. This platform is versatile and can suit both land-based as well as online sports betting facilities. Furthermore, Handle 19’s preference for this specific platform is based on the fact that it has been developed in a highly regulated market. Michele Ciavarella is the Chief Executive of Newgioco, and she stated that their experience was gained mostly through operating in the Italian market. The Italian sports betting and gambling scene is a highly regulated market, and hence the experienced which they acquired in Italy is vital to assist the regulators of Washington DC when their sports betting systems go live. This, for now, is still a process that is held back by a pending court case.

The Court Case Causing Delays

It was already much earlier this year when the mayor of Washington DW signed off on the proposed sports betting bill. Sports betting will be available using an application that would be available in selected licensed bars and sports venues. Unfortunately, the State made the error to avoid the usual bidding process when they needed a developer of this app and went ahead and awarded the development process to Intralot. This created great controversy, and in a court case, Washington was ordered to immediately stop all payments to Intralot until the matter has been settled. The set a date for these companies which were unhappy with the process followed, to appear in court is the 18th of October. The fate of the app will only be decided after this process has been completed, creating a long delay in a process that most wish it would be over by now.