New Candidate for US Sports Betting League


The latest candidate to be added to the ever-growing list of states where sports betting in the United States has already been legalized in the state of New Hampshire. The initial goal was to introduce legalized betting already before the NFL season took off, but that wouldn’t realize. Yet this is not too late for the state since it seems that they will still be in time for the Super Bowl action as well as the upcoming March Madness in 2020.

Up to date the basic guidelines of the new bill have been finalized, and it already received the stamp of approval from the legislature’s side. At the moment, it is enjoying the attention of various regulators, and the final format should be concluded soon. The bill already has the support of Governor Sununu. If no more unexpected delays arise, the state would be open for legal sports betting as early as January next year.

Massachusetts Halting the Process

Currently, the most significant delays in the process were initiated by Massachusetts. This action seems to amaze even Governor Sununu, who stated that he isn’t sure why they have followed this course of work. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island all formed part of New England’s introduction of sports betting.

Currently, Rhode Island is making significant progress in the process of legalizing sports betting, and Governor Sununu also stated that New Hampshire is busy at full speed once again to move forward following in pursuit of Rhode Island. Rhode Island is already working with accepting sports bets, and since September the state has managed to generate $2 516 060 in revenue from the industry which totalled thus far at $22 195 789 in wagers placed. From online sports betting alone, the island accrued $4.36 million.

Licensing and Location

The state of New Hampshire is preparing themselves to launch 10 locations where punters can physically go and place their wagers. Currently, the competition is between 13 companies all eager to obtain sports betting licenses to operate within the state. State officials are now working through the list of vendors that replied after the state announced that they are in the process of finding suitable companies to oversee sports gambling activities within the state. According to sources they are pleased about both the number of interested parties as well as the fact that these companies are all reputable within the industry. This process is estimated to be finalized during November.

Once as again as with the previous rollout of Keno, each municipality will have to obtain the approval of the local voters in the district before any facility can accept sports bets in that specific region. Currently, lottery officials are working to ensure that all parties are sufficiently formed to avoid any further hold up in the process.