Genius Sports Groups & Euroleague Basketball Extend Partnership

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The Genius Sports Group announced that they’d extended their pre-existing contract with Euroleague Basketball. This contract renewal enables for BetGenius, the online sportsbooks betting division operated by GSG, to remain the head distributer for Euroleague-based data. They’ve maintained this partnership with Euroleague Basketball for six years, with the contract first going into an agreement during 2014. This is the Genius Sports Group most prominent contract, with more than fifty million fans watching yearly in two-hundred countries worldwide.

This contract agreement required that Genius Sports capture the live data displayed courtside, which must then be distributed to various operators. Before this extension, operators acquiring the live data could use third-party unauthorised collectors. These individuals were receiving live data by illegally bringing equipment to stadiums across Europe. Going forward, operators wanting to showcase Euroleague Basketball must engage with Genius Sports. Refusal will have these televised operators lose broadcasting rights for the remainder of the season.

The chief commercial officer for Genius Sports, Jack Davidson, was the individual who confirmed this extension. He noted that their contract agreement proves GSGs unwavering commitment to provide the highest-grate content to consumers. Jack mentioned that their investment of the security of live data would be exponential, which he estimates will allow for their growth to increase tenfold. It should be noted that live basketball betting is dependant on millions of bettors worldwide. This announcement follows after the Genius Sports Group confirmed they’d also extended their partnership with the International Basketball Federation.

British Horse Racing Authority Hiring New CFO

Another substantial headline stuck the sports betting industry. It was confirmed that Nick Rust, the chief executive officer for the British Horseracing Authority, will be stepping down in December 2020. This comes after Nick Rust enters his sixth year in the role with this governing body. The British horse Racing Authority confirmed in their announced that they’d begin interviewing prospects for the position of CEO in 2021.

Nick Rust was present during this press release. He confirmed that he’d be leaving the company after a substantial family loss in December 2018. Tasks regarding his attention became delayed by the continuous onslaught of emotions experienced by Nick Rust. Subsequently, he leaves a governing authority that’s filled with hard-working and passionate individuals. Nick expressed that whoever takes over his role in the next twelve months will see a sustainable future for horse racing. Selections for the new CEO will be made by Annamarie Phelps, the Chairman of the board.