William Hill Partnering with CBC Sports

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The William Hill Company confirmed that they’ve begun discussing a potential partnership with CBC Sports going forward. This follows after the two corporations had previously tried to engage with each other, with the agreement ultimately failing. Negotiations towards potential contracts ended last month and were seemingly the end of the discussions. Reps close with the previous deal continued to push for the two companies to engage with new talks. Two weeks after and confirmation that advanced negotiations are being held was made. Subsequently, the William Hill company will maintain a more significant presence in the North American sportsbetting market. Those close with this sportsbook anticipate an official partnership announcement to be released by next week.

ViacomCBC, the parent company that operates the CBC Sports brand, prioritizes discretion when it applies to potential partnerships. This means that discovering exclusive details or financial data on this agreement is nearly impossible. There are business analysts that believe Joe Asher, the chief executive officer of William Hill – America Subsidiary, will regret letting the media know about the rejuvenated conversations. CBC Sports has previously backed out of contracts that were leaked to the press.

Penn National Gaming Partners with NASCAR

It’s been less than several days since Penn National Gaming announced their partnership with Barstool Sports, with the company already confirming another agreement. Penn National Gaming announced that they’d entered a partnership with NASCAR Racing, which will allow for PNG to become the authorized sportsbook for this motorsport. It marks the 1st significant agreement for Penn National with a professional sports organization. Individuals operating accounts with their sportsbook will receive exclusive bonuses and betting opportunities thanks to this agreement.

Those wanting to get their hands on the potential payouts with PNG’s NASCAR series can experience the first round of betting in several days. PNG will open their new sportsbook category during the Daytona 500 Season, which will then extend to the entirety of the 2020 season. Penn National Gaming also confirmed that they’d be releasing an FTP Mobile Game where consumers can win $50,000.00. There isn’t an official date of launch for their free-to-play title.