The AGAs New Public Service Campaign

Sports betting

New public service announcements are being held throughout an advertising campaign with the American Gaming Association. This campaign is being created to enlighten sports fans on responsible gambling tactics. It’ll be named the “Have a Game Plan & Bet Responsibly” ad campaign, with it centring around sports betting and the various addictions around this form of entertainment. All sports betting-related facilities are required to showcase this ad campaign throughout the coming weeks.

This AGA Campaign is active across multiple venues in Washington and Las Vegas; this includes the T-Mobile Arena for the Nevada city and Capital One Arena for Washington. Four important betting principles are being approached with this advertisement campaign. Those include setting budgets, keeping the game social, becoming informed on all aspects of the game and ensuring the operator is regulated. By following these four betting principles, players can be assured of their safety.

The chief executive officer and president for the American Gaming Association spoke with reporters regarding this public service campaign. He mentioned that responsible gambling with sports betting in the United States is becoming a drastically important subject matter for this industry. New partners entering this space want the sports betting ecosystem to become more proactive and secure for punters. This is because they’re concerned with potential lawsuits relating to gambling, which is prompting these investors to demand legal forms of responsible betting information.

Betfair Partners with Spotlight Sports Group

Additional headlines relating to the sports betting were revealed this week. It was announced that the Spotlight Sports Group would be partnering with the Betfair Exchange. This announcement follows weeks after SSG rebranded themselves as the Racing Post Group. Under this new agreement, both firms will launch the “Racing Post Live Platform”. It’ll enable consumers to witness yearly horseracing festivals, with the RPLP showcasing forty-two live events throughout the regular season. Those hosting this betting event will include commentators from the Betfair Exchange and Racing Post Group, where they’ll provide insights and tips towards upcoming bets.

The Digital Marketing Director for the Racing Post Group, Gethin Evans, spoke to reporters regarding this agreement. He expressed that RPG is excited about this partnership and the opportunities it can bring for both digital platforms. These statements continued with Gethin Evans mentioning that they’ve got incredible talent and pre-destined guests that’ll be on these live shows, making the events more exciting for bettors.