Bet365 Donates £10 Million Towards COVID-19 Relief

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The Chief Executive Officer for Bet365 – UK Division confirmed that she’d donated £10 Million towards the University Hospitals in North Midlands. This donation from Denise Coates was made through her charity foundation, with the provided funds being used to increase the number of staff available. Donations will also be subjugated toward the Royal Stoke Hospital in Stafford, which extends towards the County Hospital in the same region. They’ll be provided contributions to ensure that patient care units are improved immediately.

The University Hospitals in North Midlands provided formal statements regarding this donation through their Chief Executive Officer. Tracy Bullock mentioned that they’re incredibly grateful towards the Denise Coates Foundation, who has significantly improved the UHNM’s capabilities at fighting the COVID-19. Tracy noted that most aren’t aware of the training required with new working regulations and that these facilities didn’t support accurate technologies for practical training.

Remarks from Tracy Bullock continued with her mentioning that this granted donation will ensure that North Midlands, Royal Stoke and County Hospital will receive the necessary equipment or technologies to combat this virus. Communication services between these three hospitals will be improved with these donated funds, ensuring that accurate information is sent promptly.

Denise Coates is considered a godsend by her employees, with Bet365 ensuring their staff members that paycheques are guaranteed for five months. There won’t be any terminations or lost jobs throughout this period. It’s not surprising that Denise is taking this liberal mindset, with Bet365 confirmed as one of the highest taxpayers in the United Kingdom. Taxes throughout 2019 costed more than £276 Million, which was a 177% increase in comparison to 2018 at £156 Million. The influx of money spent throughout 2019 didn’t destabilize their reserve funds, which enabled Denise Coates to ensure her employee’s safety.

Sportsbetting Losses

Bet365 continues to earn a significant profit throughout this pandemic period. However, these profits have depleted on some level. That’s because sportsbetting services from Bet365 have temporarily been placed on hold for most leagues. Those permitting virtual leagues like Formula One or MotoGP, are allowing for Bet365 to have some options. Denise Coates doesn’t believe there’s enough viability behind these virtual sporting leagues to ensure large wagers out of players. She’s correct.