Toronto, Trump Fan Wanting A Drink with The President, Gets to See the Inside of Washington JC Jail


It was a bottle of the Canadian Crown Royal Whisky that the Toronto resident wanted to share with President Trump, although he never had the chance as he was busted at the White House way before he could approach Trump. The Trump fan explained that all he wanted was a drink with the president, although no explanation was good enough to spare him the trip to the cell in Washington DC’s jail.

Don’t Enter the White House Grounds After Midnight

Slightly after midnight a man entered the restricted area from the northeast corner, moved a security barrier and tried to near the White House from the grounds closest to Pennsylvania Avenue. The Toronto Sun published its article only after it had the chance to speak with the spokesperson of the UD Secret Services, which confirmed that a man tried to get closer to the White House and was arrested and later identified by the Metropolitan Police Department. Yianny Georgopoulos is a 31-year-old man from Toronto, which was instantly arrested by the Secret Service officer and taken into custody, he was then later handed over to local police and is jailed on the charge of unlawful entry found under the code of the District of Columbia.

Georgopoulos Tells Secret Service He Was Delivering Two Bottles of Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

NBC News have obtained court document that indicates that Georgopoulos was telling the Secret Services that he travelled from Canada to Washington to deliver and hopefully enjoy a drink from his two bottles of Crown Royal Whisky with Trump, and at the same time he was trying to obtain some advice from the Commander in Chief on how to find a wife.

On the other side, Trump has declared himself a teetotaller long ago due to the struggles his older, late brother had with alcoholism. The documents of the court also indicate that Georgopoulos did admit that he was recently arrested for stalking a cousin and for threatening some of his family members. Furthermore, the obtained documents also reveal that the man from Toronto shared even more information with authorities during the discussions prior to his arrest, he openly admitted that he was not sure at the time, when he would return to Canada and then he also added that he could not go home, but he refrained from offering details as to why.

The state papers include that Georgopoulos admitted that he saw the warning signs regarding trespassing on the security barrier, yet he continued to move it out the way and continued towards the White House. At the time President Trump was in the White House, although Georgopoulos never even got near the house itself and is now awaiting trial.