SBC Barcelona Moves Towards Digital Format

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The Sports Betting Conference – Barcelona Summit Edition, confirmed that they’re moving towards a digital format for 2020. This follows after the COVID-19 Pandemic has inflicted worldwide deaths and infections. Most betting analysts suspected this announcement would come before September 8th, which is when the summit conventionally begins. Italy stands as the 2nd worst infected country with the novel coronavirus. SBC Barcelona cannot risk a secondary outbreak by hosting their conference. This shows the dedication Italian People have towards their resiliency.

Against the recommendation of scientists worldwide, lockdown restrictions for COVID-19 are being lifted. SBC Events can collectively work with their supported conferences to limit the spread of this virus, but with minimal effect. Governments lifting these restrictions will prompt conference organizers without morals to continue their operations, prompting an influx rate of exposure to this virus. Lead by example through & show others that new formats can heed the same results. Under this mentality, SBC Events is permitting the Barcelona Summit to implement the digital format.

The Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SBC Events detailed why this decision was made. It was clarified that Barcelona is still considered a “Red Zone City”, meaning that a 2nd Wave of COVID-19 could quickly unfold. Considering the virtual element to sportsbetting, using similar formats for their exhibition won’t be a challenging hurdle for supporters to overcome. All the conventional components associated with an SBC Events Conference will be mimicked through the digital format, with this being confirmed by CEO Rasmus Sojmark.

Familiar bettors know that SBC Barcelona is considered the most dominating trading exposition worldwide. Hundreds of thousands attend this conference yearly to determine which upcoming products are best suited for them. It’s expected that similar valuations of viewers will be seen on the live stream. Confirmed topics being discussed during this competition includes New Markets, Lottery, Payments, Affiliates, Safer Gambling, Leaders in Gaming, and Sports Betting in Focus. The official hosts behind these discussions haven’t been revealed by SBC Events yet. It’s suspected that whoever is selected will provide insight knowledge to players worldwide.