UKGC Awards Funds to EPIC


Epic Risk Management confirmed that they’d obtained funding from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This funding isn’t immediately granted to ERM, with their brand having been added to the RET Register. Private companies operating in this list can obtain funding whenever it’s proven that “Socially Responsible Financial Contributions” are required to maintain the UKGC Code of Conduct. Additional risk management firms that operate under the RET Register include GamCare, YGAM, and Gamble Aware. Below are the required conditions that all UKGC Licence Holders must obey.

  • Approval Status with the UKGC means donating financial contributions for Responsible Gambling Measures. This will include Treatments, Prevention Software, and Research Papers.
  • Multiple organizations under the RET Register that assist in these three categories must obtain donations.
  • Operators cannot maintain a professional relationship with their selected organization to receive contributions. Those found contacting RET Register Assistants will be terminated from the program immediately.
  • GamCare, Gamble Aware, YGAM, and Epic Risk Management must provide the UKGC with quarterly reports regarding their contributions that’ve been donated during that period.

Company Statement

The Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Epic Risk Management provided a formal statement towards their approval. Paul Buck clarified that ERM is delighted to have obtained approval status for the RET Supplier Register. His firm will work diligently to making a safer gambling industry for British punters. The CEO continued his remarks by saying collaboration is required for the RET Supplier Register to work as a national strategy. Busk noted that reducing harms in the online betting industry is challenging to accomplish.

Paul Buck finished his sentiments by clarifying their involvement with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission will be formidable. They’ll ensure that all partnerships in the RET Supplier Register are engaged, allowing for a meaningful scale of operations that will benefit UK Consumers that find themselves struggling to adhere by their monthly capital risks. It’s expected that ERM will provide the industry with quarterly updates regarding their internal operations, which is the standard for risk management firms.

It should be mentioned that the COVID-19 Pandemic has seen a substantial increase in problem gambling throughout the United Kingdom. This follows with civilians being forced to remain indoors for 3+ months.