AI Customer Support Webinar for Sportsbooks

Sports betting

Online sportsbooks are entering a new era of modern betting, which follows after the novel coronavirus increased the percentages of active bettors competing for vast payouts. Digital servers for these sportsbooks have struggled with increased trading volumes, forcing thousands to access their customer support services for assistance. It’s created an additional problem where sportsbooks cannot guarantee short waiting periods. Digital solutions are being offered through Artificial Intelligence, with multiple companies now holding seminars on their own AI Customer Support Products. The initial seminar comes from SBC Events, who’ll host BMIT Technologies on June 24th for the company’s 1st Webinar.

This Webinar focuses on increasing customer service capabilities through artificial intelligence. KYC Demands & Enhance Compliance Requirements is becoming a challenging issue for customer service teams, forcing these digital sportsbooks & casinos to train their staff on new protocols regularly. This could be avoided through advanced artificial intelligence, which could be easily updated to account for new betting legislations & customer requirements.

Challenges on assisting customer needs for support teams extends beyond new legislation. Evaluating the needs of bettors is growing more complicated, with social responsibility & customer care becoming more important for younger generations than the games or promotions offered. It’s creating a new landscape for digital platforms that require enhanced support models. Artificial intelligence programs could work through Live Chat, SMS Texting, Direct Calling, WhatsApp, and Email. Computerized programs would find the solution for any error reported by customers. This would be accomplished by reviewing critical terms in the sentencing of bettors.

CX Virtual Agent

BMIT Technologies will launch “CX Virtual Agent” during their Webinar & explain to everyone attending how their services will assisting customer activity. The Chief Executive Officer of this tech firm would be asked about this upcoming product. Christian Sammut clarified that BMIT Technologies is continuously engineering the best customer solutions possible, with our goal being to address multiple issues in the industry. Sentiments continued with Christian noting that the best AI Specialists have been employed to create this program. It should be mentioned that details on the associated cost of CX Virtual Agent weren’t detailed during their Pre-Announcement.