UKGC Launches Review on VIP Services

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The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is once again looking for another way to deter the online betting market. This has been a continuous issue throughout the last five years, with UKGC Regulators working diligently to limit profits with online casinos under the premise of “Responsible Gambling”.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has enacted consultation reviews regarding the Rules & Regulations for VIP Betting. They’ll review the standards implemented with online betting services, determining if they’re viable enough to stop addictive gamblers. Even with UKGC Representatives clarifying that their commission understands the commercial value of VIP Punters, casino owners are still concerned.

Statistics have often indicated that the regulations & legislation enacted by the UKGC don’t provide solutions for those with addictive personalities. Its an excuse used to sustain minimum growth with Brick & Mortar Casinos in Great Britain, which are operated by the government. Gambling profits for the United Kingdom have dropped significantly over ten years, prompting the bullish tactics from the UKGC.

Lies Are Being Told

Reading between the line from sentiments uttered by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, their mindset indicates that VIP Players are the highest-level of Addictive Betting & must be stopped immediately. Statements from representatives mentioned that VIP players are heavily engaged with the market, spending large volumes of cash to sustain their habits. For the UKGC this shows “At-Risk Characteristics”, with regulators believing that disproportionate funds are being spent & can’t be accounted for by these civilians.

These statements are unfounded when reviewing VIP Betting Statistics, which indicate each player has a standard salary for £100,000.00 or more. Wagering VIP Bankrolls isn’t challenging when maintaining the finances of this status. Convincing the United Kingdom Gambling Commission otherwise will be challenging & almost impossible. Bettors in the UK can anticipate another set of changes to arrive with online gambling.

Sentiments uttered by PR Representatives with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission cemented their position on VIP Players. It was indicated that consumer feedback doesn’t accurately represent the mindsets of our regulating team & their views cannot be trusted. This means the UKGC is avoiding all feedback that favours benefits for VIP players.