Parimatch Extends Partnership with UFC

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Online sportsbooks have become significant sponsors for professional sporting associations, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Their primary partner for the online betting space has been Parimatch, with a predisposed contract slated to end July 31st. After speculation that the UFC would select another brand for sponsorship purposes, Parimatch PR Representatives confirmed that they’ve resigned with the UFC. They’ll remain on as their “Official Betting & Wagering Partner” for the European region.

Losing this contract would’ve meant that Parimatchs branding wouldn’t be seen at UFC Pay-Per-Views & Televised Events after their 251st PPV. Taking place at the “UFCs Fight Island” for the 1st time, the 251st PPV for the Ultimate Fighting Championship has three substantial bouts coming up. After considerable back & forth with contract negotiations, it was confirmed earlier this week that Jorge Masvidal would return to compete against Kamaru Usman. Multiple Pay-Per-Views & Live Televised Events are slated to unfold at UFC 251, which comes after Dana White invested into the construction of Fight Island.

UFC History with Parimatch

Parimatch has maintained a stronghold throughout the MMA Community, inquiring an excess of supporters since becoming a UFC Official Partner. Resigning this agreement with further brand recognition for Parimatch over eighteen months. It should be clarified that Parimatchs initial contract was issued in 2018, sustaining 24 months throughout fifteen PPVs. Their updated agreement enlists the same period & won’t support a high volume of Pay-Per-Views amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s suspected the associated cost of renewal was lower permitting this reasoning.

It’s not surprising that Parimatch has sustained notable popularity. Their brand recognition was enhanced tenfold after Conor McGregor became their official ambassador. McGregor has represented Parimatch since March 2019, with his positioning as their brand ambassador not slated to change until 2023. When questioned on their thoughts behind the contract renewal, the Chief Executive Officer of Parimatch clarified that both brand excel to new heights by representing one another. However, the UFC does more for Parimatch in brand recognition than the other way around.

Being the “Official Betting & Wagering Partner” of the Ultimate Fighting Championship means exclusive offers from Parimatch. Registrants reach exclusive promotions & bonuses that will multiply bankrolls to new valuations.