Boris Johnson Reverts Decision to Reopen Casinos

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The Betting & Gaming Council have expressed public criticism against the United Kingdom government, which follows after Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the reopening of land-based casinos would be terminated. Increased infections of COVID-19 throughout the United Kingdom have enforced this decision, ensuring the protection of the civilian population. BGC Personnel doesn’t believe this postponement to have supportive scientific evidence, prompting the public criticism. The BCGs sentiments have been deemed unpatriotic & disturbed for lack of compassion towards British civilians by media broadcasters.

August 1st marked the date when casinos in the United Kingdom were slated to reopen, amongst a series of other restrictions. Northern towns throughout Great Britain have seen an increase in infections, including Manchester. This spike forced Parliament to postpone all entertainment venues that were slated to reopen on the 1st. Details regarding the decision were explained by Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical officer in Great Britain. He’d iterate that the United Kingdom has reached its limitations on what’s possible with reopening economic operations.

Michael Dugher Reacts

The Chief Executive Officer of the Betting & Gaming Council didn’t hesitate to make a public reaction to the postponement. Michael Dugher made a formal statement over Twitter, indicating that there isn’t any evidence to suggest casinos are higher risk for civilians to catch COVID-19. Those statements would be scientifically debunked minutes after the post, with medical personnel clarifying that COVID-19 flourish’s within indoor locations & around elderly populations. These are two factors evident with land-based casinos, which would prompt an outbreak with multiple betting locations.

Michael Dugher determined that jobs will be lost following this postponement, remarking that betting locations in the United Kingdom should be permitted to reopen everywhere except the North. However, doing so would likely prompt additional outbreaks in Great Britain & the UKs residing territories. The Betting & Gaming Councils CEO didn’t start there; he’d criticize Boris Johnson for not maintain a consistent timeframe for the reopening of casinos. He’d also state that his Prime Ministers decision is nonsensical.

Michael’s backlash could prove unfavourable & deter Boris Johnson from considering an additional reopening for months to come. Dugher added another nail into the coffin of the United Kingdom’s land-based gambling industry, most likely the online sector as well.