MansionBet Announced Sponsorship of Bristol City FC

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Digital sportsbooks are becoming infamous for sponsoring football clubs in the United Kingdom, and European Union. This became proven again with the announcement that MansionBet has signed a contract agreement with Bristol City FC. This agreement enables the online sportsbook to become their principal sponsor, with their branding now being embroiled into the Bristol City FC jersey.

MansionBet has been a fast-growing sportsbook since their establishment in 2018. Their popularity quickly grew with an association to the Mansion Group, with this sportsbook being an umbrella of the largescale betting corporation. Those that’ve engaged with MansionBet know that the brand prides itself on providing premium sportsbetting services for mobile & desktop usage, with the added benefit of valuable promotions.

The Mansion Group maintains a notable history of sponsoring football clubs in the United Kingdom. Their sponsorships have been for clubs that don’t have formidable popularity, and other teams that are infamous worldwide. The Mansion group has sponsored Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Crystal Place FC, and AFC Bournemouth. The addition of Bristol City FC to their portfolio boosts the Mansion Group to six sponsorships, with it being the 1st contract agreement representing MansionBet on a football clubs jersey.

Registered players with MansionBet have been guaranteed regular giveaways, engagement activities, and promotions that’ll relate to Bristol City FC. It’s suspected that exclusive betting opportunities for this football club will be maintained at MansionBet, giving them priority access to high scale payouts. It should be clarified that MansionBet has obtained several awards for their professional operations & high-quality betting productions. Awards received by MansionBet include the “IGAs Most Responsible Online Gambling Operator of 2018” and “ IGAs Best Customer Service Company of 2020.”

Beneficial for Both Parties

Dana Broker with the Mansion Group & Caroline Herbert with Bristol City FC collectively agreed that this sponsorship agreement is beneficial. Mansion Groups Dana Bocker clarified that their contract agreement with BCFC extends their growth into the UK market. Bristol City FC’s Caroline Herbert noted her organizations delight in receiving a partnership agreement with MansionBet. Caroline also expressed that MansionBet is welcomed into their family & hope to keep them connected to the BCFC organization for years.