M88 Signs Partnership with La Liga

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Spain’s La Liga has actively been searching for an updated regional betting partner throughout Asia. It comes after their former partnership ran the length of its contract and opting to not resign amid the COVID-19 pandemic. La Liga’s Commercial-Corporate Division didn’t wait long for an updated contract, with the M88 Sportsbook announcing on August 10th that they’ve partnered with La Liga to become their Asian regional betting partner. Details regarding their agreement were provided during the announcement, noting that M88 will sustain this contract until 2024.

Throughout four years, there’ll be multiple collaborations under this agreement. Online sportsbook services from M88 will cater towards La Liga matches, with exclusive content being provided to Asian bettors. This will hopefully enable the brand to grow a positive & reliable reputation throughout Asian betting markets, which hasn’t been easily accomplished for M88. Fan engagement is a notable aspect of Asian sportsbooks, which M88 can officially provide with their partnership to La Liga.

An official press release statement was issued by M88s parent company, the Mansion Group. Chief Executive Officer Karel Manasco expressed her excitement behind partnering with la Liga. The CEO noted that La Liga & the Mansion Group share similar aspirations that extend towards identical values. Karel emphasized how La Liga is continuing to grow worldwide and flourish throughout Asian communities. There’s an eagerness towards the Mansion Group being able to provide their members with customized betting content from La Liga. Karel’s statement ended by evoking this partnership will be rewarding & successful over the coming years.

The Head of Business, Marketing, and International Development for La Liga also released a formal statement to the press. Oscar Mayo mentioned that the Mansion Group has an evident love for professional football and understands La Liga’s growth is reaching new heights in Asia. Oscar revealed that Asian supporters had expressed a need for local & entertainment content, which M88 Sportsbook can provide. Oscar finalized his statement by noting new audiences will be reached with the assistant of Mansion Group’s M88 Sportsbook.

Announced Plans for M88 & La Liga’s Partnership

  • Bettors can win La Liga Merchandise through special competitions.
  • In-depth weekly analysis of La Liga’s matches on M88 Sportsbook.
  • La Liga Ambassadors appearing on their weekly analysis.