Kindred Group Commits to Reducing Business Travel


Committing towards becoming a socially responsible corporation isn’t easy. It requires investing in new services & re-strategizing the business. However, one sportsbook & casino operator has promised to become socially accountable by the end of 2020. The Kindred Group announced that their international travel for business would decline by 30%. It’s an identical target initiated by the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Signed in 2016, the Paris Climate Change Agreement outlines numerous protocols for eliminating greenhouse gasses. Adapting towards new methods of travelling, business strategies, and financial losses associated with obeying the PCCA isn’t easily accomplished. Most companies don’t want to follow the task, as it’ll possibly the mean inevitable destruction of their corporation. Governments will eventually force companies to remove greenhouse gasses & eliminate all emissions from their operations. It’ll drastically affect numerous industries, including Foresting, Auto Manufacturing, Mining, and thousands of others.

The Kindred Group issued an official statement, were confirmed that they’ve aligned to PCCA Energy Targets. This means that according to ensure their global emissions doesn’t increase global temperature. The Paris Climate Change Agreement wants worldwide temperatures to limit itself at 2°C below the pre-industrial levels. Ambitions extend towards 1.5°C below pre-industrial levels, which most environmental scientists say isn’t possible for hundreds of years.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kindred Group noted that businesses worldwide play a role in eliminating climate change. Henrik Tjarnstrom committed the Kindred Group towards assisting the planet by removing carbon emissions across their offices & data centres. Carbon-reduction will become a priority for each property under the Kindred Groups management.

2023 Completion Date for Kindred Groups Pledge

CEO Henrik Tjarnstrom ended his statements by reflecting the Kindred Group will have 100% renewable resources operating all their properties by 2023. Furthermore, Henrik wants carbon-emissions associated with business travel to become eliminated by 2023 at 85%. Completing these goals would set new precedents for other online sportsbook & casino operators that’ve made similar pledges. It should be noted that the overall emissions released by these operators are minimal in comparison to other companies. Gambling doesn’t require an extensive volume of natural resources.