888Sport Sponsors Cardiff FC Training Kits

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The digital sportsbook community has become the saviour for clubs in the English Football League. Most sponsors have terminated heir sponsorship agreements amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, citing financial disruptions. That hasn’t been the case for online sportsbooks, who have managed to sustain funds while millions worldwide remain confined into their homes. Profits haven’t stopped & it’s enabled these sportsbooks to increase the number of sponsor partnership agreements in-place with Premier League clubs.

Another betting institution has announced its partnership with a 2nd Tier English Football League club, Cardiff FC. 888 Holdings Incorporated confirmed their sponsorship of Cardiff FC during the testing & training phases of the club. This agreement is irregular in-comparison to standard partnerships between online sportsbooks and EFL teams. 888 Holdings Incorporated is becoming the first “Training Wear Sponsor” for Cardiff FC, with this agreement effective for 2020/21s EFL season.

The Senior Vice President of 888 Holdings Incorporated, Guy Cohen, issued a press release statement regarding the sponsorship of Cardiff FC. Delight was expressed by the Senior Vice President, and their desire to assist the club’s goal in becoming part of the Premier League again. It was announced through the press statement that gamblers supporting Cardiff FC would receive favourable odds & unique betting tournaments surrounding the club’s ventures. 888Sports will also partner with Cardiff FC to enhance responsible gambling programs in the Welsh Capital.

The Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director of Cardiff FC responded to the press release from Guy Cohen. Thanks, towards creating betting opportunities and responsible gambling programs for Cardiff City was issued by CEO Ken Choo. He also mentioned his excitement in partnering with 888Sport, a world-recognised brand. Cardiff FC’s Executive Director hopes that this partnership can sustain more than one EFL season.

The 2005 United Kingdom Gambling Act

There’s never been a partnership agreement of this nature in English Football League history. It shows the dedication that betting institutions have towards EFL clubs. Some betting analysts believe an influx of sponsorship agreements during 2020 is for an online sportsbook’s gain, with the UK Government determining if these partnerships are illegal. Assessments are being held inside parliaments, with the “2005 UK Gambling Act” being referenced. If sponsorships are made illegal & sportsbooks cannot partner with football clubs, both parties will sustain an influx of lost profits.