Vanarama National League and LV Bet Renew Partnership

Sports betting

Sportsbooks in the United Kingdom & European Union have become prominent sponsors in various leagues. The Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Vanarama National League, and numerous others hold partnership agreements with online sportsbooks to sustain finances needed for growth. It’s common to read of updated or new partnership agreements in the Premier League. However, it’s uncommon to hear an online bookie has partnered alongside the Vanarama National League. That’s because VNL is ranked the 5th highest division in the EFL.

It was announced that the Vanarama National League had resigned their partnership agreement with LV Bet. It’ll mark the 2nd year of their contract, with LVBet initially sponsoring the North & South Divisions of VNL. Sponsorship of the Vanarama National League is meant to increase local coverage of LV Bet throughout Great Britain. LV Bet hasn’t revealed customer acquisitions through this sponsorship agreement. However, this sportsbook has mentioned before their thorough enjoyment with participating in British community initiatives & assisting amateur football clubs in their growth.

Financially assisting the Vanarama National League wasn’t required of LV Bet. However, their sponsorship enabled the 2019 VNL Season to conclude without any financial disruptions. Without their continued renewal for 2020s VNL Season, there would have been a likely outcome of Vanarama players not being able to compete. Financial burdens associated with the coronavirus without LV Bet support would’ve been extensive, and more than any VNL Executive could resolve.

VNL Growth

The Chief Commercial Officer of LV Bet commended the Vanarama National League for preserving their operations through an unexpected & financially disruptive season. Marcin Jablonski clarified that Vanarama is growing in popularity, with VNLs final matches being broadcasted through BT Sport in 2019. CCO Jablonski confirmed that growth with Vanarama would continue in 2020, potentially permitting VNL to jump from 5th to 4th highest EFL league.

Readers interested in consuming matches from the Vanarama National league can witness online streamed broadcasts. Full schedules for VNLs North & South Divisions have been announced. Viewers can expect to see advertisements from LV Bet in all matches, with the sportsbook being their league-wide sponsor.