ATG Licenses Kiron Software

Sports betting

Virtual sportsbetting content developed by Kiron will become available on the ATG Online Casino. Games designed to recreate professional sports in a virtual setting have become more prevalent in 2020, which follows after Covid-19 postponed numerous leagues from operating & couldn’t offer sportsbetting opportunities to supporters. Virtual sports became the saviour of that prominent issue, ensuring that sportsbooks didn’t lose extensive profit during the pandemic.

ATG Online Casino anticipated that an international second lockdown would arrive this winter, prompting numerous sports to enter another postponement period. ATG is also accounting for how multiple leagues like MLS & the NBA aren’t available to consumers during the winter holidays. Subsequently, Kiron’s full selection of virtual games is becoming available at ATG Casino by November 16th. Titles like “Goal Football” and “Dashing Derby”

The announcement of this new agreement was met with praise from Kiron’s CEO, Steven Spartinos. He celebrated this partnership & evoked that ATG Casino is an incredible supplier to bettors. CEO Spartinos believes this agreement a significant achievement for Kiron, which looks to rebuild their brand in Covid-affected markets after 2020. Steven Spartinos ended his remarks by noting their popularity has increased in recent months, providing their games are entertaining & offer quality to numerous consumers from Europe. Spartinos also believes that demand for their portfolio will increase will their software available at ATG Online Casino.

Exclusives to ATG Casino

An additional announcement was revealed by Kiron Gaming, indicating that new virtual sports games will first release with ATG Casino for the remainder of 2020. New features are also being added as exclusives, increasing what ATG gamblers receive from the Kiron platform. It should be mentioned that throughout Scandinavia & Sweden, ATG Online Casino maintains a prominent presence in horse betting & sportsbetting. Their also an influential operator of Casino brands in Spain, South Africa, and Columbia. Those wanting to experience Kiron’s virtual games with ATG Casino can register today for bonus opportunities.