Third Partnership for Stats Perform in Several Days

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The European Handball Federation announced that they’ve partnered alongside Stats Perform. It’s a prominent contract agreement which marks the largest of seen for the analytics supplier in 2020. Stats Perform LLC has maintained a pronounced quarter for Q4 2020. It follows after partnering with the Women’s Tennis Association & New Zealand Cricket in late November. Their latest contract with the EHA will sustain one decade, marking one of Stat Performs longest distribution agreements in company history.

Analytics for national teams & premium clubs licensed with the European Handball Federation will be provided through Stats Perform. Agreement details permit Stats Perform to broadcast EHA Competitions on the Watch & Bet Streaming Service, which is owned by the analytic firm. This announcement means that five hundred seasonal handball matches will be broadcasted to betting partners of Stats Perform.

Alex Rise clarified that European handball had become a prominent indoor sport, which has thousands watching & wager on its seasonal matches. Positioned as Chief Rights Officer for Stats Perform, Alex Rice continued by promising sportsbook partners & customers with seamless content that has consistent streaming experiences over the next decade. CRO Alex Rice also thanked EHA Executives for partnering with Stats Perform. Together, these two entities will work towards revolutionizing how bettors acquire access to handball matches. Renewal discussions won’t begin until December 2029.

Contract details provide clarification on all parties involved with this agreement. Confirmations that the DAZN Group, European Handball Federation, and EMH Marketing Group will retain ten-years of exclusive media & marketing rights with Stats Perform. It means three entities are governing over the broadcasting agreement with this analytic broadcasting sportsbook.

Mobile Play

Partnership initiation begins immediately, with sponsorship & digital marketing rights provided to Stats Perform. Expert marketing advertisements from Stats Perform for bettors to register with Watch & Bet. Availability of this broadcasting sportsbooks extends towards mobile devices, online portals, and mortar casinos. Bettors are recommended to experience Stats Perform via the iPhone & Android mobile site, which offers enhanced convenience.