Superbet Sponsors GCT Tournament

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The global pandemic prompted scheduling changes & postponements for countless tournaments worldwide. Some wanted an immediate rescheduling that saw attendees returning sooner than later, with others understanding the difficulties surrounding coronavirus. The Grand Chess Tour didn’t hesitate to terminate their entire season for 2020, refusing to allow players & supporters to potentially contract Covid-19.

An announcement was made by the GCT Tournament, which included the details for 2021s Grand Chess Tour. This is substantial for individuals with prominence in the chess community, with GCT considered the most prestigious series worldwide. The reasoning for its prestigious reputation is because twelve of the world’s greatest “Grandmasters” compete for ultimate victory. These grandmasters are considered the smartest chess players worldwide.

Nobody would anticipate that betting on the GCT Tournament has become popular in recent years. Sportsbooks worldwide provide betting options for the Twelve Grandmasters, with onlookers betting online making educated guesses on which players are best suited to take victory of the GCT Tournament. Knowing the increasing popularity of chess betting has prompted Superbet to announce its partnership with the GCT 2021 Tour & Tournament. The Romanian bookmaker is serving as principal partner for one year, with resigning negotiations viable for this time next year.

GCT & Superbet’s History

Superbet has sponsored the Grand Chess Tour on multiple occasions, first beginning those sponsorship agreements in 2019. Their sponsorship enabled greater prizes for winning, with 2019s championship seeing $325,000.00 awarded to the winning player. Individuals familiar with the GCT Tournament know 2019s series was competed in Bucharest, with 2021s series arriving to Paris & Zagreb. It marks the first instance of the GCT Tour arriving at either of these locations. Superbet has found greatness behind their partnership with the Grand Chess Tour. Multiple times throughout 2019 saw Superbet & GCTs namesakes mentioned across international headlines. Superbet hopes that similar promotional advertisements can be issued in the upcoming year.