UKGC Warns Public of Festive Betting Scams

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Warnings have been issued to the general public by UKGC Personnel. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission instituted a press release that informed civilian personnel lottery scams during 2020s festive season is expected to grow by 30% or higher. Guidances for how bettors can determine fraudulent lotteries have been provided on the UKGC website. Checklists are available for players to follow, enabling anyone deciding to participate in festive lotteries the information needed to locate a valid lottery.

Individuals familiar with festive lotteries aren’t likely to fall for these scams, with corporations providing these betting opportunities informing clientele via mail. Scammers are contacting British & Irish civilians through the phone, which is conventionally made with premium-rate international lines. This means area codes won’t be local, and scammers are likely to originate from other nations.

Another checklist recommendation from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission relates to advertising legislation. Under current legislation, lotteries operating in Great Britain or Northern Ireland cannot contact consumers with false claims. Scammers are using catchphrases like “Winning for Life” or “You’re Rich, Play Today”. The UKGC doesn’t permit advertising claims of this nature, as it promotes solutions for individuals sustaining financial difficulties. Considering that an overwhelming percentage of Great Britain’s population have lost their careers or employment positions to Covid-19, thousands are experiencing financial problems. It’s this core reason that prompted UKGC Legislators to issue warnings.

Consumers being approached through Social Media Posts, Email, or Social Media Direct Messages shouldn’t click on promotional links. Malware could immediately be placed onto mobile phones, laptops, and desktops to collect consumer data illegally. That’s one of the multiple scenarios that could unfold. Elderly civilians will likely be requested to provide their credentials & credit card information, with scammer claims informing the elderly that their children could win millions from this lottery.

Scammers Attacking Online Players

Diligence is recommended by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, knowing that scammers will extend become falsified lotteries & make claims regarding casino promotions. Warnings have also been issued to online bettors, informing them that scammers will make contact via email & will offer casino bonuses. False webpages looking identical to that consumer’s online casino are created. That means whenever consumers enter their credit card information; scammers see that data entered live from another nation. Unless registered directly with an online casino or physical lottery, don’t engage with any offerings.