Betway Extends Partnership with Blast Premier

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The popularity behind eSports has grown tenfold during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with supporters having to locate new entertainment methods while athletic personalities isolated until governing entities permitted competition. This enabled operational eSport Tournaments for the Premier League, FIFA, MLS, NBA, Nascar, Formula One, and multiple other sporting institutions worldwide to reach new heights of popularity. Standard competitions known behind eSports grew their fanbase after the popularity growth, with Blast Premier having their most robust year in 2020. Blast Premier is the 2nd highest-rated competition for Counterstrike: GO.

Announcements were issued by Blast Premier near the end of December 2020, confirming they’ve resigned their partnership agreement with Betway for a third consecutive year. Financial donations made by Betway to Blast Premier weren’t details. However, it’s known that Betway’s branding will be headlined during competitions for Blast Premier in 2021. Confirmations regarding this agreement were made hours later by Betway, which guaranteed that bettors would obtain content opportunities & unique giveaways that collaborate with prominent players signed with Blast Premier. There’ll even be challenges themed around CS:GO on Betway, allowing winners to acquire specialized promotions for future competitions.

Betway & Blast Premier have worked alongside one another since 2018. Sponsorship agreements with Betway extended beyond CS:GO, as the sportsbook also sponsored the Bounty Hunt Tournament for Dota Two. The primary game sponsored by Betway is CS:GO. When questioned about resigning their agreement with Blast Premier, the Head of eSports at Betway noted that over two years a successful relationship had been built & collaborative efforts have created some of CS:GOs greatest competitions to date. Adam Savinson ended his statements by mentioning the success of this partnership will continue to flourish worldwide.

2021 & Beyond

Details regarding Blast Premier’s 2021 Campaign have been issued. It’s known that 286 matches are available next year, with 80 teams competing for $2.5 Million in prizes. Thousands of players worldwide will engage with Betway to win thousands on prominent wagers. It should be clarified that Betway is the exclusive bookmaker that offers a dedicated eSports Portal, with their sponsorship of eSport Entities including Berlin International Gaming Show.

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