NEO Exchange in Canada Verifies EGT

Sports betting

Development of the sportsbetting industry has flourished worldwide, with North America becoming a launching point for that prominent growth. Nations like Canada & the United States have witnessed multiple operators acquire operational licenses, with Guts Casino in Canada. Payouts with Guts Casino earn bettors thousands per month & sustain numerous options for secured gambling. Brands like Guts Casino could become inclined to reach licensing agreements with Elys Game Technology. Elys Game Technology is the first development studio in Canada to publicly trade on the Stock Exchange & Nasdaq Capital Market. Becoming public means civilians nationwide can review investment opportunities with this development studio. It also allowed largescale investors in Canada to consider sportsbetting an ample opportunity for investment.

Considering that Elys Game Technologies entered Nasdaq’s Capital Market in December 2019, reaching approval to compete on the Canadian Stock Exchange shows formidable growth. There isn’t any development studios across the Northern Nation that’s reached this status beforehand. However, Canada legalized single event sportsbetting just months ago. That could factor into why no other studio has reached the Nasdaq Capital Market & NEO Stock Exchange. CEO Michel Ciavarella of Elys Game Technology discussed this milestone to reporters. It’s mentioned that their strategic straight-to-market strategy with Canada has proved profitable with dozens of sportsbooks electing their software worldwide. EGT wouldn’t have flourished if Canada hadn’t proved this strategy reliable, enabling Elys Game Technology to launch similar tactics worldwide.

Promotion for Ciavarella

Learning that Elys Game Technologies reached the NEO Stock Exchange & Nasdaq Capital Market prompted alterations to executive staffing. Announcements were issued by Michel Ciavarella after discussing EGTs milestone, where he’d confirm his latest promotion to Chairman. Replacing Michael as Chief Executive Officer is Matteo Monteverdi. Both men share identical ambitions & hope to initiate enhanced sportsbetting products that’ll revolutionize the marketplace. Accomplishing that challenge worldwide will mean competing against prominent operators like SportsInteraction & Bet365.

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