Canadian Sport All the Great Moments


Canadian sports fans can expect a year of great excitement, lots of sports achievements and some of the greatest moments ever in sports as many believe last year was just the start in what is yet to come. In 2018 Canadian athletes won the IIHF World Championship, Winter Olympics gold medal in PyeongChang and the National Championship.

Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue were the first ice dancers in 2010 from North America to win gold at the 2010 Olympics. The skaters took two years off and now eight years later they are as dedicated as ever also set a new world record. Apart from that, they did a stunning Moulin Rouge performance.

Deux-Montagnes – 47th World Cup Victory

Deux-Montagnes earned his 47th World Cup victory last year and also won gold in PyeongChang during the Winter Olympics. While the top athlete also won his seventh Crystal Globe as the champion in both freestyle and moguls skiing. At the end of last year, he was listed as the 78th winner of the Lou Marsh Trophy and enjoyed his 50th victory at the start of the 2018/2019 opener of the World Cup.

Vladimir Guerrero

He believes his dad’s number 27 jersey brings him luck and it could be true as Vladimir Guerrero enjoyed a standing ovation from the crowd at the Olympic Stadium, he hit a home run for the Toronto Blue Jays in Montreal.

John Tavares

John Tavares is back and suits up for the Toronto Maple Leafs as part of his return to GTA. Currently, Tavares ranks in the top five goal scorers and said as a child he slept under a Maple Leaf Blanket.

Brooke Henderson Won LPGA Tour

Brooke Henderson became the first women from Canada to win the National Championship since 1973 when the title went to Jocelyne Bourassa. Henderson is the fourth Canadian player to win a professional golf tournament and played in seven before she won the LPGA Tour titles in 2018.

Terry Williams

Failing twice it was finally the right time for the Calgary Stampeders to defeat the Redblacks from Ottawa in the 106th Grey Cup. First Calgary lost in 2016 to Ottawa, then in 2017 to Toronto although their victory did prevent them from becoming the first team since 1954 to 1956 lose three championship games consecutively. Terry Williams sparked the win during the first half and broke his previous 82 years record when he returned a 97 yards punt.

Canada’s Basketball at FIBA World Cup

Since 2010 it’s been an ongoing battle to return to the FIBA World Cup, and after winning Brazil 94-67 last year, the team qualified. After missing out the opportunity in 2017, two games take place in 2019 and then the team will be ready for the World Cup that starts in August. The last time the team did enter the World Cup they ended up in 22nd position out of the 24 participating teams, this year the expectations are just so much higher.