Canada’s Best Baseball Stadium Food Announced


When most sports fans think of baseball food it is pizzas, hot dogs and peanuts that comes to mind. Several Canadian stadiums have stepped up their game. So next time you plan to catch a game, do try some of these that made the best baseball stadium food list.

Toronto – Rogers Centre

It’s a vegetarian haven. There is no need to pack a snack-pack containing hummus and carrots while everyone else enjoys the great food at the ballpark. At Rogers Centre, the variety of delicious treats include Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine. Which is a fresh spin on crispy fried cauliflower served with a tangy sauce and then topped with a gravy and cheese curds.

The Rogers Centre in Toronto’s food was mentioned three on the recently released list, and this time it was the TO Street Eats that ensured it, its place. The waffles and chicken on a stick is yet another massive hit at the stadium. You should add just a drizzle of maple syrup; you are good to enjoy all the sports action.

The food variety is giant and the third item that made it to the list of greats is the pizza slices and salads, not forgetting the vegetarian hot dogs. There are also several reasons to keep space for dessert as the mini sugared doughnuts are tasty. These handcrafted treats are indeed little bits of heaven served with a dipping sauce of crème Anglaise, perfect for enjoying in-between cheering for your team.

Vancouver – Nat Bailey Stadium

At first glance, it all seems ordinary when it comes to the list of food at the Nat Bailey Stadium. But when you look at the juicy breakfast burgers, and sushi platters are bound to catch your eye. The Nooner burger is also called a breakfast sandwich. It contains cheddar cheese, a fried egg, crispy bacon and apart from the great taste it is a miracle cure for any hangover.

Winnipeg – Shaw Park

The food list at Shaw Park also caters to vegetarian fans. At the Clay Oven, the super popular samosas are filled with peas and potatoes flavored with Indian spices and served with a tamarind dipping sauce.

The other great option is several Indian dishes and if it is a rainy-game-day the warm bowl of basmati rice served with butter chicken is an excellent option.

Victoria – Lakehill Little League

On Vancouver Island, the parents and kids are just spoiled by the foot of Dave’s Dugout and Chef Dave Rodger. This stadium’s food deserved an honourable mention on the best baseball food list in Canada. Many believe it is the treats that ensure that so many parents are eager to attend their kid’s ball games. Although once you taste the food, you’d be able to be the judge of that. The most popular item on the list is the Wild Pitch Salmon Burger containing fresh local salmon topped with lemon-pepper mayo, red onion marmalade and served with tomato and lettuce.