Police Find Missing Canadian Woman in Mexico


Early in December 2018, provincial police grew concerned about a 41-year-old Canadian woman who was last seen on December 4th, 2018.

Christine St-Onge travelled to the Los Cabos, Mexico for a holiday along with a male friend who is from Canada as well. Her friend was booked to return home on December 5th while she was set to return to Montreal the next day.

When she didn’t make the flight and hasn’t been in contact with any friends or family, the concerns grew rapidly, and police got involved to aid in finding the missing person case.

Christine’s travel companion who returned safely to Canada the next day had police even more concerned and the middle-aged man committed suicide the very next day. Without any answers or reasons, the police started a full-scale search and asked the public in Mexico to provide any information they might have.

Body Matching the Description Found

On December 12th, the Mexican police found a body that matches the description of the missing Canadian.

Later the same day, police confirmed that the body is in fact that of Christine, which was found near a well-known hotel in Los Cabos. Christine had been staying at the hotel on her holiday.

Mexican officials have remained in contact with Canadian police and the family of Christine to provide updates on their investigation and ask for any information that could help with the identification. They also held a news conference to officially announce the discovery.

BCS Noticias, a well-known media centre in Mexico also reported that a Mexican prosecutor mentioned that the hotel room the couple shared showed signs of a struggle and even had traces of blood.

Pierre Bergeron, the man Christine had as a companion on the trip was the first suspect for obvious reasons and after further investigation, the Mexican police seem to think that Christine was killed in the hotel room and moved to where her body was discovered later.

The police are still to get the results of an autopsy, which will reveal the cause of death and could provide police with additional information about what happened and a rough idea about when it took place.

It was alarming news when police discovered the couple was meant to return on the same day, but Pierre seemed to have changed his flight date to return a day earlier. He also didn’t take any luggage with him on the return flight and had Christine’s ticket with him as well, telling us he knew she wouldn’t return.

The family has not yet spoken to the media about any of the events but have started a Go Fund Me page to provide aid for Christine’s sons. It is believed that Christine and Pierre were just friends and decided to explore the opportunities of something more with a trip to Mexico.