Bangladesh Cricket Team Almost Caught Up in Mosque Shooting in New Zealand


The world was shocked by the shooting that took place in Christchurch. Only after did we learn about the Bangladesh cricket team’s nearly being caught up in the fire. The shooting the Bangladesh team narrowly escaped was that at the mosque on Friday in Christchurch, New Zealand. Several people attending the mosque service were left dead, which also forced the test match cancellation hosted by New Zealand.

Bangladesh Team Under Lockdown at Hotel after Friday’s Shooting at Mosque

The Bangladesh team’s bus was nearing the Al Noor mosque at the time that the shooting started. As it near the mosque close to Hayley Oval, the shooting began just before the team arrived for their Friday prayers. It was a close call according to the team’s conditioning and strength coach, Mario Villavarayen. Reuters was informed via Twitter by Villavarayen that he. The team were on their way to the mosque when the bus pulled up to the mosque as the shooting started. The team was shaken, and a spokesman for the BCB told Reuters that the team was at their hotel in lockdown. All players from Bangladesh were safe and condoned off at their hotel, and none of the players was allowed to step out, due to security reasons.

Jacinda Ardern Describes Shooting as One of the Darkest Days of the Country

Mike Bush, the Police Commissioner of New Zealand reported that there were several fatalities. Friday became one of the darkest days in New Zealand’s history according to Prime Minister Ardern. Due to the shooting, the third test was cancelled, the test was initially scheduled to start on Saturday at Hagley Oval. The final match of the tour was immediately cancelled following the discussion with the Bangladesh board.

Frightening Experience According to Tamin Iqbal’s Twitter Messages

Tamin Iqbal, the opening batsman’s Twitter message described the experience as scary. After the entire team was saved from the shooters and he asked fans to keep them in their prayers. The player who missed both the first two tests, Musfiqur Rahim told the media that the team was extremely fortunate to avoid the active shooters. In New Zealand, acts of violence are rare, and the shootings at the mosque on Friday have hugely affected the entire country.

The team as Shocked as New Zealanders After Friday’s Shooting

The Bangladesh team is as shocked by the attack as the whole of New Zealand. The team has cancelled their tour of the country. This would not be the first time that the team abandons a tour due to the outbreak of violence. During the 2009 Pakistan tour, a gunman attacked the bus in Lahore, and six team members were wounded. New Zealand also abandoned their Sri Lanka tour in 1987 due to a bombing near the Colombo hotel. The team was staying and again in 2002 when a suicide bombing took place in Pakistan.